Thursday, 13 September 2012

Death by powerpoint

I spent the whole of Tuesday and Wednesday in windowless hotel meeting rooms.  I was co-presenting to groups of clients - around 18 in each of 4 sessions.  As each session took 2.5 hours, I am now brain dead and in need of sleep (though it's difficult to tell of course).
I quite like presenting to groups. This goes against my general demeanour, in that I am actually quite shy and do not readily talk to people. I don't even like talking on the telephone.
Many years ago, I joined a company and had to give a presentation; the first I had even given. I was awful.  So I decided to do some self learning to ensure that I could at least 'survive' such presentations in future without failing so badly. These days, I get by and as I say, I enjoy it. 
But the pain of the attendees must not be forgotten... Death By Powerpoint is a horrible way to go.

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