Thursday, 6 September 2012


I have been in Edinburgh for a couple of days for work and the weather was great. On Tuesday, me and my colleague had finished all we intended to do and went to the hotel at 4pm. So I decided to go for a short run down to Arthur's Seat, and back which, by my reckoning and the route I intended to take, was a short 4k jaunt.
But it was such a nice day and I had always wanted to run right round it, I thought I would tackle that small challenge (but a big challenge for me). But I managed to take the lower road round the mountain meaning the run was a bit longer than expected. However, it was worth it as the scenery is stunning and can't believe that I have missed it, despite visiting the city 50+ times!  There are fields, marshlands, lakes and the mountain itself - all within walking distance of the city centre.  I stopped to take a picture halfway round.
In the end, it was a 10k run which should be fine, but the wind added to the fun.  My point is that you never know what surprises you will find if you just look!
Both my ankles have injuries and I know I shouldn't be running at all - it's partly down to being unfit for too many years and partly an age thing I fear.


  1. Ehm... surely "lakes" should read "lochs"...

    ...and Arthur's Seat and location is, of course, amazing but I think describing it as a Mountain is a bit of an exageration.

  2. Lochs - your mumbo jumbo words meaning little me.

    It's more than a hill when looking at it - so I used the description by Robert Louis Stevenson: "a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design".

  3. I've seen this and it DOES really look more like a mountain with features that are more alpine than hilly.