Saturday, 29 September 2012

Vodka 'n' chutney

Today is that day in the year that Pete destroys our kitchen and makes various gifts for Christmas.  Over the past 4 years we have given homemade and homemade(ish) gifts to people.
With a lack of Sloes this year, Pete has opted to make Blueberry vodka and also lots of apple, onion and ginger chutney - and both need a few months to mature.  In addition, I have bought some olive oil and intend flavouring with dried chillies and rosemary.
A couple of years ago, Pete managed to get some chutney on the ceiling of the kitchen.  I have no idea how!  I know that I will be cleaning the room tomorrow.
And the thought for the day is...


  1. Oh sounds like fun and a good way to give a really personal yet affordable gift.

    Any chance of our posting how you make it?


  2. It's a simple recipe cut out of the Torygraph ages ago. Have a look online - this one is apples, onions, vinegar, sugar etc.

  3. Oh cool, thanks Stephen will do.

    A x