Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hunger Games

On Thursday night we watched The Hunger Games on DVD.  I assume everyone knows that this film about a competition where children have to kill other children (that's in the trailer and explained at the start, so no spoilers here).
The film left me feeling very uneasy.  The book it was based on is said to be more violent than the film and the whole story is pretty nasty.  I really don't understand how a story like this can be aimed at teenagers. The premise is evil and very serious.  It's not comic deaths, it is all about children wanting and needing to kill other children simply to win a sick competition.
The film itself is well made and probably deserved an 8, but due to the disturbing content, it gets a 7 from me. 
I am no prude and I am not easily shocked.  But, despite some good acting and a pace that was well balanced, all the way through I kept wondering what sick brain could come up with story like this. If I didn't know it was a book for teens, I would have seen it as a horror-drama.
The only bright point is that it features Josh Hutcherson, who is a fine actor and unusually cute with it.


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    Gracie xx
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  2. I know it has been ages since i have posted anything or visited your blog, but i sure am glad to see you are still posting :)

    As far as the hunger games goes, I really did like it. I think the deeper meaning is to serve as a reminder of what happens when we let any one group of people get too much power. the hunger games (first novel/movie) is really the preface for the rest of the story which is that of a revolution against the capital (government).

    I don't think the kids in the competition necessarily are fighting and killing to win, but more fighting to keep themselves from being the ones to die. I mean, they were selected, they did not volunteer (with the exception of Catnis, who only did so to protect her younger sister) and are being forced into this competition.

    But you are right...i think it is too bad that it is aimed for teenagers, as i think the material is a little bit more mature than that.

    However, that being said, I do love the story and the message that it represents, to me at least :)

    And lordy, I have had a mega crush on Josh Hutcherson since he was in Bridge to Terebithia. That boy is simply gorgeous. Many fantasy dreams have been centered around him

    :-P haha