Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bad boy Tomasz

There is something yellow and bright in the sky and my lawn is green. What's happening?! Has the world gone mad? A few days sunshine has been nice and we we're having a barbecue (a word I always struggle to spell) on Saturday, I pray that we get some good weather.

Anyway... here is some fun for the middle of the week:

The BBC has apologised to viewers after weathermen Tomasz Schafernaker was caught giving the finger live on air. It appears that Tomasz did not know the camera was on him when he made the rude sign to a colleague teasing him.

And this gives me an excuse to also show a picture of Tomasz posing for a magazine shoot last year. Who would have thought that hidden under his suit was a fit body!


  1. Since he first graced our TV screens I've always thought he was a bit of a hottie, though slightly on the 'chunky' side for my own tastes. But now I've seen what's under that suit I'll have to move him up a rung or two.

  2. That was really funny. I hope he doesn't get shacked for it.