Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Glad all over

I moan about football and my team Crystal Palace, but some games are priceless.

For a team with no money, just sold their best player and has the smallest squad in the whole league, they are heroes last night.

They beat Premier league Wolves 3-1 at Selhurst Park last night and they rightly deserved the win. The main man of the night was Danny Butterfield, playing as a make-shift attacker from his usual role in defence.

Before last night, Danny had scored 7 goals for Palace in 250 games - an OK ratio for a defender. In this game he scored a hat trick in 6 minutes! When he came off the pitch, his beaming smile said it all.

Aston Villa in the next round are a different story, but every penny helps.

So come on rich people with no sense, buy my team and make us great!


  1. More info...

    Danny Butterfield scored the FA Cup’s second quickest ever hat-trick tonight.

    In 6mins 48secs.

    It was a perfect hat-trick – header, right foot, left foot, and uninterrupted.

  2. It was a great game and I love a good cup upset!

  3. I feel in a geeky way obliged to ask if anyone knows who scored the quickest?

    Glad to hear some good news for Palace, as they're in a bad situation. Good luck against Villa.

  4. Geek alert!

    The quickest recorded FA Cup hat trick was 2 minutes 20 seconds, scored by Andy Locke for Nantwich Town against Droylsden in a First Round Qualifying tie on 9 September 1995.

  5. Whoa there! Great geek fact, I salute you!

  6. Great result, well played, you must be proud of the boys?