Saturday, 22 January 2011

Could it happen?

After years of suffering, which continues to this day supporting the Eagles, could Crystal Palace be moving to a new stadium in a few years time?

Is there to be a place to love watching football in Southeast London?  The plan is to move to Crystal Palace Park, replacing the run-down Athletics stadium.  I would imagine that there will be a great deal of local  opposition and there is the additional complication of Spurs bidding for the Olympic stadium and rebuilding Crystal Palace athletics stadium as part of the deal.  For the record, I think that spending £500million on the Olympic stadium and then allowing Spurs (who are not from East London anyway) to pull it down to build another stadium, is simply idiotic.

Anyway, the Eagles have released some interesting graphics.  We have owners with some great ideas and a shiny stadium and winning some games would be very nice as well.


  1. It looks nice, although there will always be a part of my heart and youth left at Selhurst Park.

  2. lived nearby for 14 plan after another comes and goes...very much doubt anything will happen :( colin