Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nigeria's biggest export after oil

If someone is going to try and con me out of money, they should at least try to use proper English and punctuation. My latest 'con email' from Nigeria (probably) is one of the worst I have received. I was tempted to reply with the English corrected with red marks!  I particularly like that his approach is not "mere imagination"...

I have A Good Business Investment Money $25.7 Millions U.S. And Gold 850kg Gold dust, Proposition for you I know by the special Grace of God will be beneficial to you. Firstly before proceed, I assure that this letter is neither Illusion nor Mere Imagination, But practically achievable if given your maximum support and Co-operation. It’s all bout you assisting me for a transaction and after we could use this money by expanding better things in future or business. I am waiting for positive response if you are capable of handling things like this. You can reach me with number call me {00971 509476455 ).
Mike Adom


  1. Oh yes - and I won a massive multi-million dollar prize the other day!

  2. I love their references to god and religion. It's like they think that by just calling the name of god, it will give more credit to their email. I received a very similar one yesterday...

  3. At least you haven't received an e-mail from a Russian woman offering to marry you. (Have you?)

    Paul Brownsey