Thursday, 27 January 2011

Offside?! You sexist fools

In the news here in the UK, there is plenty of coverage about two football presenters on Sky Sports who have been reprimanded for making comments about a female assistant referee. The sexist views of Richard Keys (resigned) and Andy Gray (sacked) were caught off-air but were sufficiently offensive to upset the lady in question and most of the nation.  

I personally don't think that some playful sarcasm was the problem, it was more to do with their view that a female assistant referee wasn't up to the job.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

The idiots have been mentioned widely on the net and here are some of the funniest tweets (and I appreciate that some are sexist, but are mainly taking the mickey out of the presenters)...

Breaking News: Mel Gibson and Ron Atkinson to replace Andy Gray and Richard Keys for Chelsea v Bolton game tonight.
Keys and Gray suspended for tonight's game. How ironic that they should be suspended for spouting inane, cliched, ill-informed nonsense.
I heard a female Assistant Referee is going to explain the Equality Act to Andy Gray and Richard keys using condiments on the kitchen table.
Disappointed in Richard Keys and Andy Gray. In this day and age women in football should be given more respect, especially the attractive ones.
Richard Keys and Andy Gray suspended by Sky - will be spending tonight explaining the "caught offmic" rule to their wives.
Oh the irony of Richard Keys and Andy Gray getting done by The Mail on Sunday for moaning about political correctness gone mad.
Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Coming soon to Thursday night, Channel 5.
Who's standing in for keys and gray? Lots of choice at sky. There's him him him him him him him him him him and him. And claire tomlinson.
Now available to download: a new game in which Richard Keys and Andy Gray fend off furious women. It's called Angry Birds.
Bigotry: Noun. The tree Richard Keys and Andy Gray climbed down from.


  1. As with politicians, why do celebrities who have been 'misbehaving' only apologise AFTER they've been found out, when we all know that it's BECAUSE of their conduct being revealed? Do they seriously expect us to think they would have said sorry - and told us exactly what they did do - if their behaviour had NOT been picked up? Any fool can see that the whole purpose of their apology is to try to limit the damage to themselves and their careers - hardly 'sincere'. You can call me cynical - because I am!

  2. Good on sky. They deserve it. There is no place in this world for sexism. I respect women fully and should everyone in this world. Men are in no way superior to women. Nor are whites superior to blacks.