Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wise words

This posting is for all gay guys out there, here is a fun take on safe sex with gorgeous porn star Brent Corrigan.

You can see the "unedited" version here.

If you search for some nice pictures of Brent on Google, just remember that they are likely not to be safe for work!

He comes across as surprisingly normal in interviews despite being a porn 'actor' and I wonder if he could have been a 'proper' actor if his life hadn't followed a different course. He got into a lot of trouble (and got a lot of people into trouble) by lying about his age and appearing in a porno when he was only 17. He's definitely a rebel and at 24 is considered to be a sex veteran!


  1. Even if he can sometimes be a little annoying, I do love Brent. Even his shocking acting in Another Gay Sequel was more endearing than anything else... ;)

  2. I agree that he seems surprisingly normal, especially given the drama of his early BB career and how that all ended.

    As far as being a 'real movie actor' I saw him in Another Gay Sequel, which overall was a terrible movie in my opinion. However, I thought Brent's portrayal of the merman was so sweet (if a bit silly). I also understand that he is going to be in a movie with Charlie David called Judas Kiss. I think they are both cuties so I am looking forward to it! Those two, shirtless for two hours? Even if the story is rubbish, I will love it!

    If you want to see a messed up porn actor blog, check out Erik Rhodes website. Yikes! Not so normal.

    Thanks for the posting.