Monday, 3 January 2011

David versus Posh

Last night, Pete and I went into town with our young neighbours, Tom and Mandy.  They are the ones that refer to Pete and I as the gaybours.  They are such a great couple and are now engaged.  The problem is that they can drink like fish, so I had to pace myself.

Despite being a straight male, Tom admitted that he would rather have sex with David Beckham rather than Posh.  Let's face it, I think most gay and straight guys would avoid Smiler Posh Beckham and opt for her husband.  Why doesn't she ever smile?  What has she got to scowl about all the time?

Today was going to be about cleaning and buying some new fish for the pond.  However, I went to see Crystal Palace play Preston instead, partly to give Pete some peace and quiet.  I met my Dad, one Nephew, my Brother and his best mate Rick.  Since I was about 7 years old, I have thought that Rick is far too good looking for his own good.  Read into that what you want.  It's quite a trek to south London, so I don't do this often - it's also very expensive.

The game itself was awful.  You can see why these teams are at the foot of the table.  Palace had signed Stefan Inversen in time for the game and it was great that he scored on his debut.

Back to work tomorrow - how depressing eh?!

The next 5 on the fifth is coming...

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