Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 1 - 30th May 2012

A couple of months ago, Pete was 40 and as part of the "celebration" we had planned a special holiday.  So here we are in Boston, USA at the start of a busy couple of weeks.
After a couple of days in Boston, we get to explore Cape Cod and New England before entering New York.
The flight from Heathrow was very pleasant and I watched two movies and ate and drank... and drank.  On arrival it was really warm and humidbut we got through customs really quickly and was at our hotel, on the edge of the city within an hour.
The hotel is very nice, within reach of the beach as well, but the area close by isn't that nice!  In fact, I think that English is not spoken much.   One thing I notice straight away is that the Americans love signs telling you not to do things... they are everywhere!
We had a beer in a local bar near the beach at Revere (which I read was the first public beach in America), a very spicy Mexican meal and now, having been awake for more hours than I can count, it's bedtime.

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