Sunday, 27 May 2012

Eurovision and out

So Eurovision is over for another year.  Our song was completely wrong for the event and being first was a hinderance too it seems.  Englebert sang well, but it was overshadowed by more memorable songs. The performances seemed higher quality than in previous years (apart from the Russian Grannies and there was a Bjork lookalike in there somewhere).  As always, the political viting ruined the end - Greece/Cyprus 12 point swap for example and every region voting for it's neighbours.  It's very annoying.
On a serious note, the brutal regeme in Azerbaijan that has anti-gay laws, limits free speech and imprisons journalists on a whim should not be in the European Broadcasting Union. A fundamental rule of the EBU is press freedom, yet the country is allowed to be a member and flaunt the oil wealth that is kept from the people.
Yesterday Pete and I dog-sat his brothers dog.  It was a hot day in North Herts and Max was suffering a bit, so he found a cool spot and lay there for a while...


  1. I agree totally re Greece/Cyprus. I don't think there has been one single occasion when the two of them have failed to give maximum points to the other. Are we expected to believe that year after year only these two produce the very best songs in the contest?
    However, I do feel sorry for the voters in both these countries who try to play the game properly only to have the numbskull majority of their co-patriots causing annual embarrassment and....erm....'bring the whole thing into DISREPUTE! ;-)

    More problematic to explain is why all those neighbouring smallish countries in former Yugoslavia as well as in the old USSR around the Baltic and in the Caucasus, why they also always vote for each other when there are supposed to be such intense political rivalries between them.

    My irritation level at the shenanigans always runs high, and this year it was no lower - but I do find the whole thing so darned compulsive to watch.

    Btw: Love the peeping doggie.

  2. I thought the song was quite nice. But you are correct, it was NOT a Eurovision song.

  3. being Greek I'm no going to comment... I fear of tomatoes being thrown at me. My only excuse is the fact that so many Greeks live in Cyprus and vice Versa...
    PS. the dog looks soooooo cute...

  4. I've been to Cyprus 20+ times and did notice lots of people speaking Greek - but couldn't spot the difference in accents!