Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The past month - May 2012

Here is a selection of the best bits from my blog over the past month:  
I started the month with the gratuitous gift of a shirtless picture of Pasha from Strictly Come Dancing.  There's something about him...
A work trip to Edinburgh included a presentation by Team GB Women's Basketball coach Tom Maher who informed us how he had aimed to have sex with a woman in his younger days.  
We celebrated Christmas (again) with a stupidly expensive, but enjoyable trip to London to eat cow.
I gave a rare review of an album, just because I was so disappointed with it - the Barenaked Ladies rarities collection.  I am fan, so this really did come from the heart.
Midway through the month, I came clean to explain how I had been taking a photo-a-day for the past year and had just compiled them into a very thick photobook.  I need a new challenge now!
Good looking guys (Tom and Charlie) featured.  Yes, you could have someones eye out with that bulge Tom!
A modern artform that I like is the company logo and I picked a few that have hidden meanings here.
And finally, we said goodbye to a Bee Gee

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