Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Christmas!

Yesterday, Pete and I, his brother and Vicki, (his girlfriend) went to London for a Christmas meal. We had decided to have a fancy meal, but it's taken longer to arrange than it really should.
We started out at Louis Vuitton in Bond Street which is Vicki's favourite shop.  Then on to Armani and Ralph Lauren. There were so many wealthy people there!
We saw a troop of Hollister models, around 40 of them, marching through the streets to hand out leaflets. I disliked this for several reasons. Firstly, they looked like a Hilter Youth rally - all dressed the same (red tops, turned up jeans and flip-flops). It looked badly judged to me with their cocky attitude eyeing girls and constant cheering. Secondly, they were all good looking 18-20 year old guys with the overall aim of saying to customers "I am better looking that you, therefore I am better than you.  I get sex when I want it, I am confident, I will earn more than you because I am good on the eye and I wont have to try as hard to be successful".  OK, I am exaggerating a lot, but the Hollister and A&F models/staff really wind me up with this elitist attitude, which is why I wouldn't shop there.  I don't think they miss my custom.
After a few cocktails in Brownes, we headed for lunch as Goodmans restaurant - a fine dining steak establishment. The huge steak was tasty, perfectly cooked and extremely expensive. It's one of the most expensive meals I have ever had.
Then on to more shops, where I bought a suit, some walking and then to St Pancras station for more alcohol in the Champagne bar. It has warming fans under the table and heated seats!  This is not my picture by the way...

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  1. I know what you mean about A&F. I have a few friends that feel intimidated by the staff and shop elsewhere.