Friday, 4 May 2012

Try and try again

I have been in Edinburgh for a couple of days for a national conference.  It was held at Murrayfield stadium, home of Scottish rugby.  I had not been to the stadium before so it was interesting to see the structure up close and in the evening, before dinner, we had champagne next to the pitch.  Despite being freezing cold, it was impressive to see this huge empty space. Many of my Scottish colleagues were excited to be there and wanted to go on the grass, but were not allowed!

During the day, we had the usual business speakers, but we also had a presentation by Team GB Women's Basketball coach Tom Maher.  He gave his views on what makes a winning team and used his sports knowledge to compare with business teams.  I liked his style and the content of his speech - particularly when he said that he first saw his wife of many years when she was playing basketball in Australia.  He said that "I saw her and thought to himself 'I want to have sex with that woman!'" and everyone laughed.  And then he added, "And I did have sex with her... twice!...  We have two kids"

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