Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Good day Tuesday

It's been a very pleasant day so far.  I have been off work, using up some holiday and had lots planned for the day.
I started with a lay in before going into the garage and painting for an hour. The canvass I am working on is a larger and more vibrant version of this painting.
I got a freebie at a local gym so I went along after dropping Pete at the station as he made his way to London for a meeting. It turned out to be the biggest gym I have seen and rather classier than previous places I have been to.  I don't intend attending a gym again though - I don't usually enjoy it, but today was great.  The place was virtually empty, so I did some cardiovascular work and some weights before having a sauna, a swim, visit to the steamroom and then home for lunch.
After playing with Garage Band on the Mac (I am working on a new song), I ventured to the garden centre to buy some seed potatoes - all half price as they were sprouting... bargain!  I got back and planted them in the vege plot. We do have an issue with a really invasive weed, so I can only use half of the plot which is a shame.
I then made a curry from scratch (Chicken and lentil Thai curry) before enjoying a nice cuppa when Pete got home.
All in all, a fine day and it's only 5 o'clock!  It's worth noting that I just typed o'cock by mistake!  I believe that's a Irish porn site :-).

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