Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 2 - 31 May 2012

The combination of our usual poor sleeping pattern and time difference meant that we both woke up around 4.30am today.  We watched some TV and ended up having an early breakfast and heading into Boston at 7am.
We walked along the beach to the end of the subway line at Wonderland.  This was once a huge amusement park but nothing is left.  The weather was hot (though it's not expected to last) and we headed to Bunker Hill to follow the Freedom Trail - a route through historic Boston and plenty of anti-British stories! 
After walking a few miles and seeing plenty of sights, we walked through Boston Common and had a beer at Cheers.  One pricey beer later, we walked through the city, pretty much at random.  We heard that the Red Sox baseball team were playing in the evening and (sort of) decided to go.  Before that, we headed to Harvard.  It's a cool area and we had a great burger at Mr Bartleys, a famous Harvard eatery.
We didn't make it to the baseball - too hot and exhausted.  So we headed back to the hotel before flaking out relatively early.

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