Monday, 28 May 2012

Dear teachers

I note that several treaching unions are set to encourage their members to strike over pay and pensions...
Dear Teacher
In the late 1980's, I was at school in Kent during several teaching strikes.  One Union in particular decided to strike every Tuesday for a prolonged period that clashed with my final two years at school.
On a Tuesday, I had Physics followed by Chemistry followed by English.  No replacement teachers were available for the science topics and the English replacement was abysmal.
I failed the science exams and obtained an unflatteral pass in English. The strike action caused me to fail two subjects and I hold the selfish Unions responsible.  In addition, all school trips were cancelled so I missed out on the benefits that would have helped these and other subjects.  This was not a time when private "top up" classes were available and my parents did not have the skills required, therefore your actions directly caused problems that meant I had to rethink further education.  I was not alone in this.
Blackmail in the form is strikes has been something I have hated ever since.  For educated people, I am surprised that teachers cant see that the current pension arrangements are unsustainable and frankly, wanting them to stay is greedy.  You should also remember that the parents of your children are not getting payrises and many are struggling to keep their jobs.

Think again Mr Teacher.


  1. I know the government keeps telling us that these pensions are "unsustainable", but then, it would, wouldn't it?

    I think we should be fighting to insist on good pensions for all workers, whether in the public or in the private sector, rather than trying to chip away at those in the public sector.

    I do find it distressing when individuals suffer in consequence of strikes, but at the same time I don't think those individuals should expect teachers to keep going come what may, no matter what bad treatment they receive from above.

    The real controllers of wealth and power in this country will be loving it when strikers and those immediately injured by strikes are at each others' throats.

  2. People need to pay for good pensions and they dont. There are plenty of incentives and they still dont. If you want guaranteed super pensions, it costs a fortune.

  3. Your are not correct. That is all.