Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh Charlie!

Last night I attended my first proper classical concert in a huge church on Piccadilly.  The orchestra was very impressive and the lack of microphones and speakers made them sound more real, if that makes sense.  The guest of the night was a guy who Pete has been following for the past year, Charlie Siem and he had met a couple of German ladies at previous concerts who have since become friends and then our weekend guests.
Charlie has played violin since the age of 3 and still practices 5-6 hours a day!  He flies around the world playing with orchestras and musicians and and he's also a model for Dunhill!
He played at the very front of the pews, about a metre from me!  The violin was lent to him by some wealthy friend and was valued at a modest £10 million.  To see him on TV is one thing, but to see him in the flesh just showed how he is absolutely stunningly sickening gorgeous!
I was told not to take photo's due to the shutter on my camera making noise.  However, at the break, Pete went to say hello and got one of our guests to take a photo...

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