Thursday, 23 August 2012

21 Jump Street

I was wrong about this film. I didn't want to see it because the trailer looked stooopid and immature.  The film WAS stupid and immature, but also quite funny.
I actually remember the TV programme that the movie is based on.  It was the first time I saw Johnny Depp and he looks rather good!  It was in the days when I worked for a Cable TV company and I had a poster of him right by desk. Also with a 4 foot Bart Simpson and some random ever-changing movie posters.
Anyway... Pete added the new incarnation of 21 Jump Street to the Lovefilm list and we watched it last night. American dude comedies can wind me up quickly, but this was very funny from the off. I laughed out loud at the dumb antics more than once.  The story revolves around 2 young Police officers that go undercover in a high school to find drug dealers, despite not looking like teenagers any more.
I wont spoil it, but due to a certain mix up, the nerd cop and the cool cop each end up with the wrong cliques at the high school. It's really silly at times, but I still laughed.  The film features a "kid" played by Dave Franco who to my great suprise is 27 - I thought he was 18!  There's something about him... quite cute in a strange sort of way.

It was definately a 7.5 out of 10, but I must round down rather than up as the end gets a bit lovey dovey!

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