Wednesday, 29 August 2012


The message is clear. It's fine to be a bigot and spread hatred if you have an organisation behind you.
The Boy Scouts of America
The Catholic church in Scotland
Both should be ashamed at their misguided attempt at morality. It sickens me. As we know, the facts show that paedofiles are nearly always straight (you can decide which organisation I am speaking about).
How can men of god really spread such shit?  Do they really believe that marriage will be less fashionable if it's opened up to people that love each other?  It's all a cover for their twisted and controlling religion.
And as for the Boy Scouts.  It makes zero sense and such a decision could only ever have been made by people so removed from the real world, that they think they are doing something good.


  1. Re: The Catholic Church - not just in Scotland, but anywhere at all.

    When was the last time the R.C. Church supported ANY pro-gay move? Answer: NEVER - at least in Britain (though I'd like someone to tell me in which other country they might have done so).
    I remember the debate back in the mid-60s for just partial de-criminalisation of some homosexual acts, when even supporters of that move were referring to these 'unfortunate' people with a condition which should 'always be discouraged', and were battling against religious leaders, the Roman Church being most prominent, in its complete opposition to the move. It's hardly likely that that same body can now be totally objective on the issue of gay marriage. Furthermore, it demands making absolutely NO accommodation (unlike gay marriage advocates) for those who do not believe in their Church's own claim to have a 'unique God-given insight into right and wrong' (what a laugh!), let alone those Christians who support the proposed legal change.

    Btw: I notice that the Scottish R.C. Church's recent re-affirmation of the principle of marriage includes the words 'life-long'. Not much has been made of this, but I do now look forward to the R.C. Church returning to the same doctrine which I was brought up to hold, viz. that people who divorce and re-marry while their former spouses are still alive are not only NOT so married but they are 'living IN SIN'. Let's hear that again thundered from the pulpits! (I'm not holding my breath.)

  2. I think that the evil boy scout bosses will be kicked out before long.

    They seriously misjudged this one.