Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Desert Island Discs - Song 5

Welcome to my Desert Island Discs. I have opted for a different approach to many people; I have divided my life roughly into 8 and picked a track for each period.
Here is song number five of my Desert Island Discs:
Heart Of Gold by Neil Young
Like most people, my early 20's were a lot of fun. It was mostly about friends, drinking and trying new things. But my job was rubbish and I ended up going back to college at age 23 which was a very wise decision, but tough financially at the time. Not being the most outgoing gay man and always a late starter, I was quite lonely at times. I'm not after pity here, lots of guys go through it and I am still here to tell the tale.
After years of thinking about it, I had guitar lessons for a while and was introduced to an even wider choice of music: Elvis Costello, XTC, Richard Thompson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Neil Young, etc.  And yes, one of the first songs I learnt was Ralph McTell's 'The Streets Of London' (I can still play it!). At one of the first lessons, I had the challenge of learning the Neil Young song 'The Needle And The Damage Done'. After a while I realised that, I didn't practice enough and it ended up an expensive way to talk about music each week.
I love acoustic based music and I love sitting and noodling with my acoustic guitar. I may not have improved my skills, but I will never tire of sitting playing nothing in particular to see where it goes. There are a few songs in me and one-day they will escape. A true classic is the Neil Young Song, 'Heart Of Gold'. I had been tempted to pick 'Cinnamon Girl', but this is a beautiful track.


  1. Wonderful choice and great background too.

  2. So refreshing to hear a singer who can enunciate his words. No distractions from the song of the "What did he just say?" variety.

  3. I'm sure that Neil would be so pleased to hear that!