Friday, 3 August 2012

Sport sport sport

It's been a busy-ish week for me.  I had a quick visit to Edinburgh on Monday and Tuesday for work. I only found out I was needed on Friday and I quite like last minute stress of preparation and travel. Lots of changes are happening in financial services and as a company a lot of work needs to be done in advance, hence these visits to the Scottish capital.
As with many people, Pete and I have spent many hours watching sport and cheering on Team GB in events we have little knowledge about! This weekend we have football and have also managed to get some volleyball at Earl's Court. It's sad to think that this exhibition centre, that I have been to many times, is to be bulldozed after the games. I went to my first computer shows there in the mid 80's and even attended Crufts!
If you want to see some amazing images of the Olympics opening ceremony go to HERE, which is one of my favourite sources of news photography. They have great taste.
Don't forget, '5 on the fifth' returns for a one-time only special on Sunday. The theme is very easy... it's Summer.


  1. Of course, I rather like mine:

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