Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympics end

So the closing ceremony was almost as bonkers (and almost as entertaining) as the opening ceremony and we now bid the Olympics goodbye. I'm feeling very sad that it's come to an end, despite the Paralympics on the horizon. Here are some pictures from our trip to Eton on Friday...

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  1. Very nice pics, Stephen. You just don't know how to disappoint!
    Certainly the uniforms of the bearskin-wearing guards must be the smartest and most eye-catching in the entire world, even if I have to block out mentally the fact of their being made from the real thing.
    The Thames vista with the castle in the background is quite something too.

    Olympics closing ceremony - had to stay up for nearly three hours past usual retiring time - just in case something extraordinary and unplanned happened. Well, as you know, it didn't.
    Think I'd better do my own after-thoughts posting to avoid it overshadowing your own blog here.