Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Some coming out stories

Coming out isn't always about a nervous conversation with someone and as there are some sad stories around, here are some alternatives...

I'm hanging out with my mom. She's asking me about girls. I hesitate.
My plan: To come out to her.
What actually happened: After a long, melodramatic intro into how devastated I'd be if it weren't true that she'd love me no matter what, she replied with a simple: "You're gay right? I already knew that!"

Irritated by repeated warnings from my dad "not to get girls pregnant" while I'm in college, we begin to argue.
My plan: Win the argument.
What actually happened: I didn't plan to come out, but eventually it slipped in my reply: "I won't be getting any girls pregnant because I'm gay."

I guess I won.

Me: I'm gay
Her: Ha ha funny, no you aren't
Her: Wait, you are being serious arent you
Me: Yeah
Her: OMG. but you are still marrying a woman, right?
Me: obviously
Her: No! now you can't have cute little blonde babies! Thats allright, I'll have your babies for you

As a college freshman, I fell in love with a boy, a senior.
My plan: Go to his house and hang out.
What actually happened: I stood in front of him, paralyzed. I kissed him on the forehead and ran out of the house, terrified.
After that: He showed up at my dorm and let's just say he was my first boyfriend.

This guy who visited the Coming Out Group at my university in 1993 came from Czechoslovakia.  We talked about the benefits of "coming out." 
He asked "What do you mean 'to come out'?  You mean TO TELL THE TRUTH!!?"  

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  1. To tell the truth can be daunting in some cases...