Friday, 10 August 2012

Ways to achieve happiness - update #1

Further to my post last month looking at ways to improve your life, I have updated it following some comments and also added a few more that came to mind. As always, your comments are appreciated:
1.   Really appreciate good health when you have it.
2.   Take a risk once in a while - you might surprise yourself.

3.   A song or album that you love and no-one else you know has ever heard of it.
4.   Perfectly fitting pants.
5.   Accept that you will make mistakes and learn from them.

6.   A porn star that you can rely on.
7.   Truly local and fresh fruit and vegetables.
8.   At least 3 meals you can cook brilliantly.
9.   A readily available snack in the cupboard.
10. Walk around without socks on for a whole day
11. A local place to buy freshly baked bread.
12. BBC Radio 4.
13. Comfort food that is eaten without guilt.
14. An easy interesting route that you can walk anytime to clear your mind.
15. Find your passion and follow it with enthusiasm.

16. Show Your Appreciation.
17. Three months salary saved for an emergency.
18. Turning off the television and having a conversation.
19. Turning off the television and reading.

20. Find a job that satisfies you.
21. A favourite restaurant and/or bar you can almost feel at home at.

22. Quality shirts that fit well.
23. Do a regular clear out and give to charity.
24. Ability to play one entertaining and impressive thing on a musical instrument.
25. Change your routine regularly, especially the route to work.
26. A good coffee maker.

27. A favourite joke to share.
28. Stop Complaining.
29. Write down 3 things at the end of every day that were simply good during that day.
30. Be nice!


  1. I'm missing a few... I need to do something about that. Comfort food and no guilt?
    At least I'm generally a nice person

  2. Nil - they are suggestions... not rules

    And I would expect that some readers would not agree with my list anyway.

  3. #16 - Yes! It takes but a moment and very little effort - and the return of goodwill, even if not directly expressed, is enormous.