Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blog extra extra extra!

This posting is NOT part of the 30 day challenge...

A recipe on my blog?!  What was I thinking?  How very dull.  So to lighten the mood, here are some pictures of Richard Fleeshman who is currently getting some press coverage as he is in a new musical version of Ghost.

He is a pretty good actor and singer/songwriter so I understand.  I have seen little of his TV work and heard one of his songs!  I just think he looks rather sexy...


  1. he won (i think) soap star superstar a few years back. his voice was *incredible* - like a vocal orgasm. he looks pretty fckn hot in that last pic too :P


  2. rather sexy ?? RATHER sexy ?? Umm, yeah.....clearly, definitely, most assuredly sexy.

  3. Second pic down is YUMMMMMMY