Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 17 - A piece of art: Mondrian

This posting is part of the 30 day challenge...

When you visit a museum that has modern art on show, you will hear people saying "it's all rubbish" and some of it may well be!  But when you ask at the end of their trip, 99% will say that they really liked at least one piece of art.

I have extremely broad taste in art and I cant say the modern art per se, is my favourite 'style'.  However, my choice for this blog posting may not be to everyone's taste - but it fascinates me and I may never know why.

The best space for modern art I have ever been to is Tate Modern in London.  And in one of the rooms is a painting in oil by Piet Mondrian that caught my eye many years ago.  It really is one of those art moments that is impossible explain.  This is just an image of back lines and coloured blocks, but it jumped out at me.  Very similar paintings by Mondrian do nothing for me, so the style alone is not what draws me in.  I hope you like it and get to see the real thing in London.

This is 'Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black' from 1921:

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