Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 8 - A news story

This posting is part of the 30 day challenge...

Here is the news... in my life.

On Friday night, Pete cooked a birthday meal for his mum - a fine beef in beer. Afterwards, we sadly stood in the rain with sparklers as it was the 5th of November!

Early on Saturday morning, still full from the night before, we drove to my mum and dad's house in Kent (via Decathlon and a couple of other shops in Lakeside). After a pit stop, we travelled to Battle in East Sussex. I had been there 30 years before on a school trip, but this time we had a leisurely look around the impressive Abbey and site of the Battle of Hastings before enjoying a cream tea in an incredibly old building.

We then made our way to Bexhill-on-sea as we were seeing Laurie Anderson in concert (a favourite of Pete's, not mine).  I'm sad to say that the drive into Bexhill was depressing.  It is a run down seaside town with empty shops everywhere and everything in need on a coat of paint or pulled down.  The only good part was the De La Warr Pavilion.  This art deco building is now a cultural mecca.  The art installations however, will appeal to the trendy wealthy people in East Sussex and not the local people I'm sure.  I found one exhibition of photographs to be really poor.  It's one of those art moments where I am embarrassed to look, as it is so bad.  We gave up with Bexhill and went to Hastings for dinner (though that town was looking rather sad as well and not the vibrant place I remember from the cricket club summer outings).

Back in Bexhill, the concert itself was not my cup of tea, Pete loved it.  Laurie seemed to have attracted every weirdo for 50 miles, including a couple of trannies, one of which was wearing a red beret with a picture of Mickey Mouse and a swastika on it!  At least the sunset was nice to view.

On Sunday, we went to watch one of my nephews play football (it was cold!). He was playing at my old school which has changed completely since I was there. Pete was clearly getting bored with my school stories especially those that start "see that building over there..." or "I remember when...".

I cooked a couple of huge Lasagnas and took them round my brothers house on Sunday evening where we watched football (and what a lovely surprise to see Fernando Torres so I took a picture of the TV!) and some dumb down TV. A pleasant evening, though one of my nephews has become a teenager that can only use one-word replies.

 And now back to work exhausted!

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