Monday, 29 November 2010

Day 29 - Get on your soapbox about something

This posting is part of the 30 day challenge...

I have a problem with the sub-class of people that feel that they need to buy expensive cars, holidays and clothes all using credit trying to impress people they don't even know! You see them all over the place in huge 4x4 cars, often with badly fitting designer clothes. You just know that they have uncontrollable debt financing their life.

Don't get me wrong, debt in itself is not a bad thing. I would advise avoiding it where possible, but to survive you may need to borrow and the majority use it sensibly. I only have an issue with those that abuse it, trying to prove themselves as successful "living a lifestyle that they haven't earned" when they are not successful at all.

Let's look at that phrase again... "living a lifestyle that they haven't earned" is interesting I think.  I would personally like to spend thousands on my house, go out every night, have 'holidays of a lifetime' several times a year, but I don't.  My income is not sufficient to fund it - I have't earned it partially due to a general laziness with my career.  If I worked harder, I could earn more I am sure.  Treating yourself is one thing, faking it is something else.

Some of the worst ones are the grown-up children expecting parents to support them. I have heard of families with the mother and father in their thirties living the high life, but it's their parents financing it with monthly handouts. Think this is uncommon? Think again!

My friend Sonny says that people enjoy their life and let the debt die with them. From just a little research, it seems that rarely happens in reality. For the majority, their actions mean that other people have to pay for their selfishness through IVAs/Bankruptcy, but mainly through benefits. They live a great life and when it comes to retirement, they have to rely on benefits to live. Debt doesn't always end on death.

Let me say again, debt isn't necessarily bad, but in my opinion it should be respected and not abused by the chavs of society who think they are something special.


  1. Here here!

    although it does depend on the interest rate - we all know about loan sharks working for bigger sharks working for even bigger sharks who prey on people who've been told that conventional lenders can't or won't help them.

  2. Spot on. Two many chavs in f'in 4x4s clogging up the roads breeding fat kids.