Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 16 - Songs that are guilty pleasures

This posting is part of the 30 day challenge...

Here are some good, but mostly bad songs that can clearly be classed as guilty pleasures as I like them all! There is however, a theme within these songs... my childhood.  Each of the tracks comes with a fond memory attached.

A memory from the Roller Disco at Greenways every Thursday and Saturday for around 3 years - this is the sadly missed Kirsty MacColl:

When I was just a babe, this was a hit and I would sing along to the Top 20 on Radio One.  This is Bread:

This is a classic and not really a guilty pleasure as it is such a well crafted song.  My Dad would play stuff like this a lot, it's the Everly Brothers and Bye Bye Love:

Again, when I was younger, during the school holidays BBC1 would open at 9.30am and close again at 10.30am after Why Don't You and an episode of The Monkees, this is one of their lesser hits:


  1. The whole concept of a guilty pleasure is that it's supposed hpto be embarrassing - none of these, least of all Kirsty, fall into that category. For starters, how about...

    Clouds across the moon (the rah band)
    The glory of love -pete cetera
    Happiness - ken Dodd
    Something tells me - cilia black

    Need I go on?

    I should point out that the items listed above do not necessarily constitute my guilty pleasures. I hope that is understood

  2. These all feature on Sonny's ipod - I have heard the proof