Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 3 - Five websites I couldn't live without

This posting is part of the 30 day challenge...

Here are 5 websites that I visit regularly, although I am pretty sure that I could live without them!

1. BBC News - Trust is something that can take a long time to build and I trust the BBC to do the right thing and although mistakes do happen, they are far less than it's peers. The news is balanced, relevant and up to date and there is a nice link to the sports pages too.

2. Yahoo Mail - I have used Yahoo! for my email for many years and I cant recall it ever letting me down.

3. Expedia - I booked the whole US holiday on this site and many other holidays too. Although I may buy another packaged holiday, my first choice is a mix-and-match holiday with various locations. This site makes it easy and the ratings from other users is a big help.

4. Wikipedia - You have to approach some of the 'facts' with caution, but overall the philosophy behind the site and the content is fantastic.

5. Alamy - I have a few photographs on sale on this site (and their quality control is so high that I would have another 200 on there if I could).  Although everyone in the world is now a photographer, it's satisfying when I sell one.  I have sold an impressive 7 over the past year - I wont be retiring just yet.

You may ask, "where is Facebook", but if it wasn't there something else would fill the void I think.

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