Friday, 16 September 2011

Back from Edinburgh

I've been working in Edinburgh for a few days and the trip started in a strange way. I parked the car on the medium term car park at Luton Airport and as I got my belongings together to make my way to the bus stop, I noticed a shiny spoon on the ground. A closer look showed that it had no handle and had clearly been used for drugs!

The usual bad sleep pattern continued for a couple of nights. In the meantime, we had some good meals and even the work was OK. I am making the most of it as expenses are being scrutinised heavily.

The moral of the team is at an all time low with a few people having left recently and other internal changes are having a negative impact. Also, the reality that some underperforming colleagues are still being paid more than us is starting to grate. I am a little pragmatic with regard to the situation as in these money-strapped times, having a job is a luxury!

And to finish, here is a picture I took of an old Victorian entrance to a bank - stunning!



  1. I went to Edinburgh twentyfive something years ago. Can't remember spotting that spoon. Maybe the locals weren't into drugs back then? Yeah right.
    Nice entrance!


  2. @Daniel - Stephen spotted the spoon in Luton although I did once see someone shooting up in an Edinburgh cemetary so perhaps Trainspotting not all that fictional...

    @Stephen - that picture looks familiar, I wonder where I've seen that before...

  3. Thrift is bleffing? Quite. Except when Camelot comes knocking at my door waving a small, rectangular piece of paper. Then I'm gonna give thrift a mighty kick up the arse.