Tuesday, 27 September 2011

London weekend part 2

As I mentioned on a previous post, Pete and I were in London for the weekend with my friend Sonny.  We started with a walk into the West End via the South Bank (there was a food fair on) and had a few drinks en route as we walked through Covent Garden, Soho and St James.  We then went to see a play in Old Street, which is a bit of a trek from my friends flat, especially with the Northern Line closed for engineering.  The play was awful so we left at the break!  We walked around Hoxton and Shorditch - the new trendy areas of London.  It was packed with people and the pubs/bars/clubs were buzzing.  We ended up at Spitalfields for dinner.

On Sunday we walked through the near deserted streets to Tate Modern, had breakfast, looked around that ever-stunning museum before taking a slow walk along the Thames.

After a bit of shopping, we headed home getting stuck in some bad traffic jams.  You gotta love London!

Here are a few random images from the weekend:  A nose on Admiralty Arch (see here for more information!), graffiti artist under Waterloo Station (its legal there), book fair on the South Bank, the unfinished Shard, Sonny and Pete at Tate Modern.

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