Friday, 9 September 2011

Let the rugby begin

And so the world cup is with us again, this time from New Zealand.  Can England get to another final?  Will the South Africans triumph again?  We will know in a few weeks time.

England kick off against Argentina tomorrow and we rarely start these competitions well, but we shall see. Given the time difference, it will be back to watching rugby over breakfast - all very strange!   The local rugby club has been very imaginative and has a full day of events tomorrow: the England game, training sessions, other world cup games, local derby in the afternoon, evening party, etc.  Good for them - great idea.

And it wouldn't be right to miss the opportunity of sharing some images for your viewing pleasure - England's pride (and most look like ugly bouncers, so this is the pick of the bunch!):

Jonny Wilkinson
Richard Wigglesworth
Tom Wood
Ben Foden


  1. Rugby is one those sports (yes, like cricket) where I just haven't the foggiest notion about what's going on. But with rugger buggers like these (well, particularly the first and the last) who gives a damn?

  2. Jonny has always done it for me


  3. I'd like to wish England well... but since you're in the same group as us, that wellwishing may have to wait to the later stages! In the meantime, C'Mon Scotland!

  4. Com eon Scotland and England. Just don't ask me to choose should they meet in the final (as if)!
    Jonny has always been super and that French riviera tan makes him even hotter now. Ben, Richard and Tom are good selections but I also love Tom Croft.