Thursday, 8 September 2011

Random London

On Tuesday, I was in London for a meeting at The Gherkin and afterwards went into the West End to meet Pete.  Whilst enjoying an overpriced coffee in Bar Italia, we briefly met our friend Melissa who was off to see the wizard at the Palladium.  A few minutes later, in walks 80's pop star Paul Young and Melissa almost fainted with joy - and she just had to go and get a photo taken.  After that, we went to a lovely Turkish restaurant that is so cheap and so tasty.  I cant see how they make money!

Here a a couple of Instagrammed images from the day (The Shard was taken from the 34th floor of the Gherkin), ending with the shot of Paul Young, Melissa and me!


  1. Looking very good for 55. (Yes, I've just looked it up.)
    If I saw a celebrity like you did I'd be saying to myself "Oh, he LOOKS like so-and-so" rather than knowing with confidence that it actually WAS that person in the flesh. Even then I could never have approached and spoken to him. But that's another notch for you - or maybe the recognition and approach was instigated by La Melissa?

    Btw Maybe you should have asked him if he had a BAND AID on him to give you as souvenir. (Or perhaps not!)

  2. Love the first pic!

    Not been to London in years... need to book the Megabus and come up for a mooch around sometime!

  3. Paul looks good for his age but I'm not sure I would have recognized him... or was he singing about laying his hat? I think The Shard is going to be quite iconic.