Thursday, 29 September 2011

September movie update

Here are the films that Pete and I have received from and watched on TV and DVD over the past few months in reverse order, with my ratings out of ten from my movie list on the IMDB.

Echo Park, L.A. (2006) 6
Gay themed movie - OK in parts.
Beastly (2011) 6
Certainly not high art, but starred the yummy Alex Pettyfer - so that's worth 6 points alone!
A Single Man (2009) 8*
I first saw this on a flight and watching on a proper screen helped to move the score up one point.
Killing Bono (2011) 6
A black comedy that didn't quite work, despite featuring the gorgeous Ben Barnes and the strangely interesting Robert Sheehan (From Misfits).

Submarine (2010) 7
An interesting film with an indie feel set in Wales.
My Dog Tulip (2009) 2
Awful animation about a man and his dog. Some parts were distasteful.
Crap romcom.  When will I learn?!
Departures (2008) 6
Very weird Japanese film about a traditional undertaker.
French film about money, jealousy, selfishness and friendships that perhaps are not as true as they should be.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010) 6
A Woody Allen film that doesn't suck!  Full of lazy writing and cliches though.

Battle: Los Angeles (2011) 7
Throwaway action movie - great fun!

Source Code (2011) 8
I really liked this (I know some do not) - silly science fiction, but entertaining all the same.

Kaboom (2010) 7
Sexy movie that is a bit bonkers. I find Thomas Dekker (who plays a bi guy) extremely sexy.
How Do You Know  (2010) 5
Not good - perhaps 5 is actually generous.

Limitless (2011) 8
Flawed storyline, but kept me interested throughout.


  1. I'm lucky. The only ones I've seen are the ones you've marked with 8:
    Limitless, Source Code and A single Man.

  2. I've not seen many more of these than Nick has. Just 5 this month:-

    'SINGLE MAN' - Wanted to like it more than was the case, though certainly not bad. I'd knock a point off your '8'.

    'SUBMARINE' - I gave it a 7 in my 'register', but now, 6 months after viewing, can't remember a damn thing about it.

    'YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER' - any Woody Allen film for me is an 'event', as I've got an inbuilt bias in his favour. They rarely disappoint me as much as they seem to the critics, though sometimes that can happen too - as in his recent 'Whatever Works'.
    I quite liked this one and gave it a 7.5 but, playing by your rules, my choice is to round it either up or down. It ends up as a 7.

    'SOURCE CODE' - Another 7.5 which, in this case, I'd round up to 8. (So, at least here we agree!)

    'LIMITLESS' - one of the surprises of this year for me as I didn't expect to like it anything as much as I actually did. Another 8.

    Here endeth this month's lesson.