Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Can someone please explain...

I have a couple of things in my mind that I just don't understand and would like someone to explain, if they can.  Here is number 1:

I appreciate that there are some major underlying issues, but in simple terms, why are Muslim terrorists killing fellow Muslims in places like Pakistan and India?

They are achieving nothing by killing these innocent people and don't appear to have any aims other than to disrupt the country. These so-called religious followers are also going against all Islamic teaching, e.g. "A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hands". If that's to be believed, they are not going to heaven after killing people.

I could sort of understand if the attacks were directed at foreign nationals, foreign companies etc, but killing their own confuses me.

So what do they hope to achieve?


  1. Why? Do they achieve anything by killing other religions' people?
    Bear in mind that not all Muslims belong in the same sect.
    Also provoking the other Muslim communities is a way to make them join the 'revolution'!

  2. You might as well express astonishment at the Catholic v Protestant wars in Europe.

    Plus I take your supposed surprise a little less seriously when you go on to suggest that you'd be much more blasé if they were killing foreigners.

  3. What a stupid comment to leave. Firstly, I am talking about Muslims killing Muslims and not one religion "versus" another. I am genuinely interested to know why it is happening - it reported on the news and never explained.

    And in no way was I blase about the murder of foreigners - the reason I added that final part is that we can understand that some Muslims have a hatred for Americans for example. Therefore, if an American was a target, it would be wrong and sad, but I could see a reason, albeit the reason is completely wrong.

  4. Steve H - you are a twat.

    Read the blog again and you will see that you are an idiot and owe Stephen an apology.