Saturday, 17 September 2011

New member of the family

It has been such a strange weather year with drought in the spring, followed by the wet and mild summer.  

Despite the huge potato crop that we have enjoyed, the unusual weather has meant that the tomatoes are only just ripening, the peppers didn't grow at all, neither did the courgettes - however, of the 10 chili plants I grew from seed, 4 have produced babies.

Here is red chili pepper number one.  I wonder how hot this little guy is going to be?


  1. Aww that looks so cute.

    I've had a big crop from my chilli plant, rather lucky I feel. My toms have been rather small, but a crop of about 40 from two plants, which I guess isn't bad. But my cauliflowers were a disgrace and my sprouts, well, we'll not go down that road!

  2. I feel like some creepy mass murder when I look at your new family member. Still I can't help myself. Looking delicious!


    ps Verification code was "rehaberg" Rehab? Is that some kind of sign??

  3. Now posted a pic of ours!