Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Michael Thalassitis

Our local paper reports on Stevenage* FC games and this picture of their 18 year old youth Striker Michael Thalassitis jumped out. Very cute with stunning eyes!

*For the record, Stevenage is a "new town" built in the 1950's and although it has a great road system, it's a bit of a dump with non-descript housing estates and a terrible concrete town centre. The whole town can be described as "rough" including many chavy people. These are only my opinions of course, but people from the town I live in would never shop in Stevenage... ever!


  1. It's a shame his MySpace profile has a few homophobic-ish comments, but I will put that down to youth and showing off a bit.

  2. Snob!

    I think my cousin lives there or thereabouts!

    Your town was on Location Location Location last week, btw... looks like the antithesis of how you describe Stevenage!

  3. You wouldn't believe the difference in towns only a few miles apart.

    I saw the Location Location Location and I think they could have looked harder to avoid sending the poor lady to Bedford.