Sunday, 18 September 2011


We made the mistake of agreeing to look after our neighbours dog. He's a 13 month old Labrador and I hadn't quite appreciated how little he has been trained!

Coming from a home that has always had dogs (and trained at that), it has been an exhausting weekend trying to keep up with this powerful beast.  We have lost 2 balls that other dogs like to play with, some driftwood and very nearly lost the goldfish from the pond as Buddy clearly likes water!

We drove to Pete's uncle and aunt in Oakham for a lovely lunch and then walked around part of Rutland Water where we stayed last year.  We couldn't take him off the lead as there is algae in the water at the moment that is poisonous to dogs. So he dragged us for a few miles to the Finches Arms pub.  While we sat having our beer, I said to Pete: "be careful, I think you have let go of Buddy's lead".  He had not, Buddy had just chewed through the leather lead! My shoulders ache from pulling him back every few seconds.

Here is a view of the depleted Rutland Water reservoir:

Today we took the mad dog to Pete's Mum's house and then for a walk with Pete's brothers dog (Max).  It was hard work again, but this time I thought I would introduce him to the concept of "heal" and how to walk with a lead on.  He was actually getting the hang of it, but very slowly.  I took this picture of Max this  morning as he ran through the long wet grass.


  1. I suggest you buy your neighbour a copy of Victoria Stilwell's book 'It's Me Or The Dog' as a not-very-subtle hint.
    I wouldn't recommend anything by Cesar Millan, who thinks it's okay to give the dog a little, brusque kick or tap now and again, whereas Vicky manages it all with no physical chastisment at all. I'm sure Buddy would appreciate her methods more.
    If buying a gift for your neighbour is a step too far you might just mention it in passing.

  2. Wondering dog pictures.