Monday, 26 September 2011

Chav alert

I was in St. Albans today and I saw the perfect chav - she was walking along the street thinking how to spend her 'hard earned' benefits and was the perfect representation of this species... 

The female chav:

Scraped back hair
Football shirt
Tracksuit bottoms
Fat arse
About 16
With a baby
Walking with a pitbull

All boxes ticked - amazing!


  1. Heaven help the baby! (Or is that being judgmental?)

  2. Not judgemental at all. let's face it, unless the kid has some luck, he/she will grow up the same way.

  3. Yes, it's alarming to see grossly fat mums with kids less than about 10 years old who you can see are already running to fat. Although overweight men are said to outnumber the 'others' it seems to be obese females who are the more evident, at least to me.