Monday, 5 September 2011

Five on the fifth #27

Welcome to '5 on the fifth', a posting where you share 5 photographs taken on the days leading up to the 5th of the month. Remember to mention my blog on your own blog, so that your visitors can find the other contributions. You can take 5 random pictures or follow my suggested theme: MESS.

You no longer have to leave a comment with your details (though comments are welcome) - just complete the form below including your name and location in the 'link title' field and like magic, you will appear in the list of contributors.

My images are below:


  1. What a box of wires and whatnot! I love the bill posters snap. That made me laugh.

    Hey, thanks for running this monthly picture idea. It gets me out and about with my camera, and I visit with bloggers I dont normally. Kudos!

  2. Bill Posters is innocent of course...

  3. Love that first one....who doesn't! And the fire outside....super nice!

  4. The cable mess... why do I recognize that one? LOL Brilliant pics, thanks for sharing (and the idea!)


  5. So do you like meat? priceless.
    I didn't take part this month, the only mess I could find was internal and I could find a way to take a picture of the inside of my head. However, I really enjoyed yours and the others messes. Well done all. Let start a campaign to free Bill if he does get prosecuted!

  6. Great images as always.
    Free Bill Posters!

  7. Love the pics, but I don't understand how the second one fits in. I live in an apartment and don't get out much. What am I missing?

  8. It's the mess that Petes makes in our garden and also the mess he made of the fire! Read into it!