Friday, 4 March 2011

Be nice

I spend a lot of time in my car driving to, between and from appointments with clients.  Earlier this week I was flicking through the radio stations as I often do and ended up on Radio 4.  Now, before the people in the UK reading this suggest that Radio 4 is for old people - try it and I guarantee that you will learn something new and will be entertained.

Anyway... I heard a play called "Brian Gulliver's Travels" in which a man in a mental institution is recounting stories of his travels to strange countries that don't actually exist (or do they?!).  One country had a law for everything and subsequently half the population were lawyers.  The next country he visited had one law and that law had just two words: "Be nice".

So yesterday, I put my usually cynical self to one side and made the conscience decision to be nice about everyone and try and find the positive in everything.  Although I like to think otherwise, I don't suffer fools gladly.  When we did a psycologilcal assessment at work, one of my "strengths" was that I hated wasting time with people who didn't know what they are talking about (I am paraphrasing a little their); but it explains why I hate meetings with the aim of finding a solution, that often do the opposite. In addition, I do like a good moan - it can be fun!

During the day, I stopped myself critisising and turned it around to the positive.  When Pete was complaining about work in the morning, I worked the facts around to the positive too.  When I found dealing with my head office to be a bit of a nightmare, I decided not to moan. I also made a decision to compliment more than ever.  I have to admit that it's hard work but strangely rewarding in places!

I cant promise to continue at this nice pace, but I will give it a try.  So today, why not stop when you are complaining about something or someone and try and be nice instead?


  1. I always try to be NICE. But I think it's worth making an effort as you say.

  2. As someone who has been listening to Radio 4 since my teens, I can guarantee it isn't for old folks.

  3. Stephen: When is your inspirational self-help book coming out? (You are quite right, of course.)

    Re Andrew's comment above - I can go one better. I've been listening to Radio 4 since it was the 'Home Service'! - and (the BBC do NOT like to hear this) you just WOULD NOT BELIEVE the extent to which it has been dumbed-down. I only still listen because there's no better serious news/plays/reviews etc channel - though there IS scope for making it better, such as going back to what it used to be like. Now 'scuse me while I just get up and take my pills before my afternoon nap. Where's that zimmer?

  4. The book idea hasn't progressed much I'm afraid.

  5. Be nice.................obviously, nice idea, doesn't often work in the real world, ask anyone whose ever spent any amount of time working in the 'service' industry!

    However, there is always way too much horridness in the world as it is, so yay all be nice.

    Smiles and the world smiles with you!

    Love the new look too.

  6. Oh, a little bit early, but I'm off to work now and wont be back till very late on 5th!

  7. There was another episode of Brian Gulliver's Travels today. Osminia, the land where marriage is banned. Totally strange. If you missed it iPlayer link here.