Saturday, 26 March 2011

Last few days

At the end of the week I was in Edinburgh for work.  We had a great meal at a restaurant called Gusto and I failed to sleep in the hotel - which is the norm' for me. Instead of the usual location for our team meeting, we were in the 'proper' head office and had this view of the castle from our meeting room.  Not bad eh?  It's a bit grainy because the windows were a bit dirty.

I have next week off work and intend to relax.  I will be going to London to explore some new places and will treat myself to a massage I think.  Watch this space for details.

Today we have been on a DIY frenzy - more about that tomorrow.


  1. The one and only day I ever spent in Edinburgh was gray, rainy, cold, windy......spring time. And the picture certainly didn't look like this.

  2. You were unlucky. Edinburgh is a great city. I would recommend for a city break... unless you live there of course! :-)

  3. I would recommend it for a city break even if you did live there!