Sunday, 27 March 2011


So here is work list from the weekend:

- Painted dining room wall blue and edged it.
- Painted living room red and edged it. Repainted 3 times!
- Helped move a ton of soil from the front of the house to the vegetable plot.
- Made tomato soup after buying a box of overripe toms in the market for a bargain £2.
- Also made 2 pots of passata.
- Made 3 servings of pasta sauce from said tomatoes.
- Planted the first potatoes.

We visited Pete's Mum as she fell over in the local market and has bruised and cut her face and arm. She is actually quite lucky not to have broken her cheekbone and wrist. It has been warm and sunny, so we sat in her garden drinking tea. How terribly English.

I heard a song by Peter, Bjorn and John on an NPR podcast on Friday and I have spent the past few days humming it (and misremembering the lyrics). It's a great song and here is a live version - wait for the chorus...

and their classic Young Folks with the great video:

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