Sunday, 20 March 2011

Oh Doctor!

On the TV this weekend for a BBC film called Christopher and His Kind, which starred the current Doctor Who, Matt Smith. It was a pretty good film in which The Doctor played gay author Christopher Isherwood and focused mainly on his time in Berlin. All of the German gay guys (and those who were gay for pay) seemed to be perfectly beautiful. His last German boyfriend was Heinz Neddermayer who was played by current Burberry model Douglas Booth. It must be really tough in life looking this stunning - and he's only 18.


  1. I'm glad I decided to record this as I didn't feel too keen in the first place, largely because Matt Smith looks so unlike Isherwood's round-faced, boyish good looks which he retained well into his later life. But when I started watching it yesterday I was quickly won over by fine acting throughout in a well-presented drama. It's not easy to depict a well-trodden story in a fresh way but I think it was largely successful in doing so. A good antidote to the liberty-taking (though still very enjoyable on its own terms) 'Cabaret'.

  2. I'm not a big fan of Matt Smith, especially in Dr Who, but Christopher and his kind was wonderful. Oh and yes, Douglas Booth was rather stunning......