Sunday, 6 March 2011


Pete and I went to France for the day yesterday (very early start).  For a change, we drive down to Boulogne to have a look round the town, including the shops for an hour or so.  Some of the old buildings are lovely, including the church and castle.  The rest of the town is post-war concrete I'm afraid.  The weird thing was, considering it was lunchtime, the town was deserted.  Shops were empty and only the small market showed any signs of life.  We drove down the coast to Wimereux and that was also like a ghost town.  It was as if France had decided that "fermée" was the word-of-the-day.  We did a bit more shopping (food and wine mainly) then had a big dinner before returning to my parents house.

5 on the fifth for March went live yesterday and there were some great contributions from around the world.  I am pleased that the linking tool worked - I was a little nervous and as I was in another country, I would have struggled to correct it!

I took a few iphone pictures yesterday and have used an app to age them in true 1970's style.  Here are a couple.


  1. I love the look of your photos! What app did you use? Ok, so the dirty truth about me? Im kinda an app whore! LOL I do so chase for interesting apps. Have you tested out 8mm app yet? Its an app for making vids.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment about my pictures!

  2. these are great! if only i was a day from france... **sigh** the new set up for the site is brilliant! thanks as always for hosting and monitoring all of us crazy people!! best - darci (aka i am witness)

  3. The app I use is a freebie called Instagram.

    Darci - we used to do our "big" food shop in France when we lived in Southeast London. It's not so easy these days.