Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Steven Davies

In the sports news yesterday morning, details of England drawing a thrilling match with India in the World Cup was followed by news that wicket keeper Steven Davies has come out of the closet.

As I have said before, it's tough coming out, but telling the sporting world that you are gay is a brave decision.  He is one of only a few elite sportsmen to do this.  I don't blame those that stay closeted, especially in football, but I hope that more guys can live without the burden and worry and come out 'easily'. It's really not worth living a lie.

Obviously, Mattie Mitcham is out and proud - and is very vocal about it too.  He's so cool!  Another sportsman that came out recently was rugby player Gareth Thomas.  You could argue that the macho and possibly homophobic world of rugby makes Gareth a real hero. 
A post from Andrew's blog here explains more.

In a way, I was disappointed not to see the usual puns for Steven Davies - I had expected...

He bats for the other team
He likes to position himself behind the batsman
His favourite view is of the middle stump
He has a firm hold on the bowlers balls
etc etc etc

Anyway - here's to Steven Davies... gay icon!


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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    As it happens, I too came out of the closet this morning - once I'd finished dressing for work...

  2. Yes, he's done us a very great favour. We can only wish him well - and with very little hassle, preferably none at all. Good on you, Steven.

  3. I appear to have missed all this stuff on the cricket chap. Who is he?

  4. I am always jealous of people like this. I am 37 years old and completely closeted. I am depressed at the thought of being in the closet for ever. I cant have a relationship for fear of people finding out I am gay, especially my parents and brothers. They would not accept it. And I fear that I have left it so long, that my friends would be unhappy with me for keeping my gay side from them.

    One night stands dont do it for me any more. Anyone have any suggestions?